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The Things I am not Reading

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The trouble with electing to do a spur of the moment project is that it puts a bit of a damper on things you had been planning to do soon or were even in the middle of doing. In that spirit here are a few things I might have been reading this week except for the project.

Lots of short fiction online – I always knew that much (most?) of the fiction appearing in the online venues I like to read regularly was by men, but now it has become incredibly frustrating when I am looking for something to read at lunchtime and I there’s nothing available.
2666 by Roberto Bolano – A long time ago I read the part about the girl who ruins everything[1][2], and told myself I wasn’t allowed to read on until I’d written about it. I have written about it, but not to my satisfaction. I’m probably better off anyway.

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness – I’ve been waiting for this to show up in my local bookstore for a while and nothing yet. Guess I’ll be waiting quite a bit longer.

I saw on twitter that Tim Pratt was serialising a new novel The Nex and I clicked over over and read about a paragraph and then remembered d’oh! and had to click away.
[1] Calling it the part about the critics is clearly a horrible mistranslation.
[2]You know the story of the girl who ruins everything – she joins the gang and everything is better for a while, but then the guys fall in love with her and it ruins their friendship, but she gets to be their prize.  I really hate that story.

Written by Chance

September 28, 2010 at 6:51 am

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