365 Days of Women Writers

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Day 15: Bone Hinge by Katie Williams

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I pretty much wanted to hate a story about co-joined twins even before I started reading it. Improbably, it won me over almost immediately.

When walking somewhere, I let Hattie lead, because then I’m not obliged to wave to anyone or chirp some greeting that will likely not be returned. I trail with perfectly placed backward steps, looking at the world after Hattie has passed it, which makes it a little friendlier somehow.

The story is set during the depression and people were not kind to the twins. And somehow, Hattie’s found a lover and now she wants to marry, if only she can make it work with Sylvie.

Matchmaking! No, truly, matchmaking. The town wouldn’t let the two of them marry with me joined up for the ride. So this was their scheme? Join up another? I could’ve cried. Instead I was mean. The cursed are cruel.

It isn’t to be, spoiled by Sylvie, in an attempt to protect her sister from ridicule in the larger world. Instead, she dooms Hattie to emptiness.

Written by Chance

October 2, 2010 at 5:16 pm

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