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Day 16: Fallen by Lauren Kate

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I have a hobby. It’s reading terrible paranormal YA romances where the heroine (it’s always a human heroine) loves a vampire, werewolf, fairy, angel, etc. [1] because I just can’t help myself. But at least I write about them for your entertainment.

Fallen is the latest of these. It’s got a pretty spiff cover (same for both the US and UK, more or less) so a bit of shelf appeal.

It starts positively with the OTP bursting into flames and dying and yeah that’s a bit new. Sadly, it does not last because the OTP is reborn in the tepid Luce (again aka not!Bella)

There is a fairly ridiculous setup to this story where Luce has been sent to a “reform school” – scare quotes because it’s a gothic boarding school for troubled teens with the worst security ever – because her boyfriend burst into flames when they kissed. (Oops, that’s what you get for messing with the OTP of an angel.)

Anyway, there’s a guy at the reform school who immediately wants to date Luce and that’s how we know he must be evil. (Though later he acts like such a controlling jackass I am comforted that he’s not the love interest. But since the love interest acts like a hot and cold PA jackass this is only a marginal improvement.)

Daniel (spell check made that denial first) is Luce’s OTP and he wants her, but first he’s a being passive-aggressive jackass to her, and then he wants her again. (Because of course young girls ought to be encouraged to thing men who treat them badly love them. So as always, not so much a great message to young girls about dating guys.)

GUESS WHAT? Daniel and a bunch of other people are angels. Well, fallen angels. How shocking! Except it was totally telegraphed in their uber hottness. And guess what else? The fate of the universe hinges on whether Luce and Daniel get together and do it.[2] I know! The most ridiculous plot ever.

Dan Brown decided to loan out a secret society to this book so clearly they are trying to kill Luce for some reason or other. The book sez: IT’S PLOT, DUMBASS.

Then all the angels rumble, until the good angels run off to save Luce. But not her best friend because she was not hott. She is dead.

[1] well, and other train wreck books

[2] I bet you thought I was kidding. I am not.

Written by Chance

October 3, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Posted in lauren kate, novel

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