365 Days of Women Writers

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Day 36: Beloved of the Sun by Ann Leckie

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Each year a girl is chosen to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the sungod. She believes she will be reborn as a goddess. Itet was the latest of these girls to be chosen, but someone has attempted to drown her and now she does not speak.

But another god, the ant, speaks to her every night and tells her the way of gods:

There are many gods, but all share this one characteristic—their words must be truth. If a god says what is already true, it spends no power. If a god says what is currently untrue, its speaking must make those words truth. If making that truth takes more power than a god has, that god will be drained, injured, even possibly killed.

She is not the girl she once was-in addition to losing her voice, she has lost her memory. All she knows of the world are things she is told and skills known so well that they are instinctual.

She is the vessel the ant has chosen to overthrow the sungod and bring back the nameless one and to free the other gods.

I enjoyed this story – it has very solid worldbuilding – the world feels larger and longer than this small part we inhabit in this story. Animals as gods is a familiar mythology, but here it feels fresh.

Written by Chance

October 23, 2010 at 5:36 pm

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