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Day 39: Melanie by Aliette de Bodard

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The world Sf blog is kicking off two months of free fiction and it starts with good friend Aliette de Bodard.

How can I possibly resist a story about studying to become an engineer, especially one where math is something mystical, casting an aura to those who have the second sight:

He’s staring at the other students–all shining, all gorged with light: the light of numbers and curves, the endless dance of the formulas that rule the world. And, as it always does, his gaze fastens on Mélanie.


She’ll be here next year, Erwan thinks, his heart sinking. There’s not an engineering school that will open its doors to her, not an entry exam that she’ll pass–not with so few numbers, so few equations trapped within her. It’s as if the maths had washed right over her, forgotten as soon as she’s read them.

And if you like this story, you should know that she has a book out today.

Written by Chance

October 26, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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