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Day 35: Migrating Bears by Helena Leigh Bell

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I fell in love with this story a bit when I read the lines:

Joseph Godfrey believes himself to be the son of Bluebeard. How else can he explain the parade of women’s bodies in his bedroom closet, hanging there like limp socks

He has found her sitting on his bed every afternoon since the funeral, dressed in her long nutria fur coat and white kid gloves with the pinky of her left hand pinned down. At night he stands among his mothers in the closet, swishing them back and forth; he closes his eyes to languish in the brush of fur against his cheek.

And then a little bit more:

One evening his father catches him and the next day Godfrey returns from school to find the closet emptied of her and the coats. Godfrey pulls down all his old baby clothes and dumps them on the floor. He takes a stolen pair of scissors and begins disassembling all his old things. This, he thinks, will bring back his mother.

It doesn’t.

It’s weird and beautiful and more than a bit uncomfortable. I liked it quite a bit. (I’d say more, but it’s been a really hard day at work, so I’ll just recommend that you go go read.)

Written by Chance

October 22, 2010 at 7:40 pm