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Day 20: The Girl Who Tasted the Sea by Sarah L. Edwards

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Hey, did you know it’s BCS’s second anniversary? Well, it is and it’s a bright spot in SF short fictionland.

The Girl Who Tasted the Sea is in many ways the opposite of yesterday’s story. (It’s twice as long, so comparison’s are a bit unfair but it is still only a brief 1500 words.)

There isn’t really enough plot to satisfy- it’s just a girl Abby who is exploring the edges of her world. But there is enough to immerse us in her experience.

There is the stryke who seems both hawk and human:

The stryke’s eyes flashed even wider and yellower when it saw her, but it didn’t screech, and when she opened the napkin and held out the first sardine it took it with one hook-nailed hand, tossed it, and snapped it from the air with its hooked beak.

Abby makes a bargain with the stryke to go to the sea, a bargain to free a slave though really she doesn’t know what she’s promised. The stryke does and honors the promise of it and Abby is ever changed because of it.

Written by Chance

October 7, 2010 at 8:07 pm